Thursday, November 3, 2011

You Sappy Bastard!

So I’m in my car today and I hear a commercial announcing that Air Supply is playing at one of the local Indian casinos here in the Sacramento area.
After screaming like a girl and almost swerving off the road in excitement, I grabbed my phone and made a voice memo so I wouldn’t forget about it (like that’s even possible.)

When I got back to work, I found a Pandora station that plays nothing but super sappy, wonderful love songs.
As you may have concluded from my excitement about the mere thought of seeing Air Supply live, I am a huge sucker for love songs. As I sit here typing this, Endless Love by Lionel Ritchie and Diana Ross just came on and I swear, I’m almost in tears.

We all have chapters in our lives and so many of them are bookmarked with music. Whether it’s a cheesy, sappy love song, a punk tune, an Irish jig song or a symphony, certain songs have the ability to take us back to those chapters in our lives that we’ve either long forgotten or chosen not to remember.

I’m not typically one who lives in, or dwells on the past, so I guess I don’t consciously think too much about it and I think that’s why I love listening to sappy love songs so much. They force me to remember the good times as well as the bad times that I normally wouldn’t think about, and I think that sometimes that’s a good thing.

Holy Shit! “How Deep is Your Love” by the BeeGees just came on.


Anyway, I say go grab that old CD, album or 8 track you haven’t listened to in 20 years. Sit back, relax and think about that time in your life, that vacation, that summer, that lost love or broken heart that you thought you’d never get over. Think about them and cherish them.

Now if I could only find someone to go see Air Supply with me…